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CASA d’ASTA® has been founded as the new and innovative business on Italian real estate market, and it’s based on the “Anglo-Saxon Real Estate system” of the AUCTION SALE. Mauro Tiboni the founder, after a period of a long research, development, design and testing area, has brought a number of innovations on the italian real estate, creating, developing and certifying an high professional methodology that requires high skills and utmost professionalism. One of CASA d’ASTA® strengths is the customized marketing activities targeted on each client.


在意大利和世界上对“不动产买卖”的首个创新方法,是通过由公证处筹备的“在一个密封信封里的秘密投标”方式进行。Asta PRIVATA 私人拍卖的机制在各盎格鲁-撒克逊国家运行已经超过100年,并且它在销售中是透明度、安全性和及时性的代名词,为你提供便捷的服务。

CASA d’ASTA® 拍卖公司的顾问服务结构确保必须履行简易程序处理的标准,这些我们将在下面为你们介绍。我们的合作“焦点”是直接的,因此向你们提供我们认为有必要传达的总结内容,使你们能够获得必要的了解。

CASA d’ASTA® 拍卖公司的拍卖过程,即我们在以下为你们总结的几点,能够聚集“咨询”工具之外的其它能力,它重在使用“头脑”部分,即构成有用的“知识”以转化为“诀窍”。




The 1st innovative methodology now available in Italy aims to offer a proven highly specialized approach to buying and selling high end Real Estate properties by “sealed bid in a sealed envelope” formalized at the NOTARIES. The mechanism of the “Auction Sale” used for over 100 years in the Anglo-Saxon countries and synonymous of transparency , reliability and celerity in Luxury real estate sales is finally at your disposal .

The deep knowledge of the market gained over twenty years of experience and the dissatisfaction of the the traditional approach has led us to establish our CASA d’ASTA® Company specializing in the selling of Italian Luxury Real Estate by auction.

With our Strategic Global Marketing Platform and a proven ability to obtain a quick, higly professional and transparent sale, we provide a better alternative to selling luxury properties than the slow, heavily negotiated, traditional channel.

There is no better way to buy or sell luxury properties than through our carefully, proven, highly specialized approach; our experieced staff join an high technical skill gained in architectural firms, with a twenty years experience in real estate brokerage, and also boasts a inborn tendecy in using web tools which are indispensable today to connect with the globe.

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